Monday, December 3, 2012


So its official.......OUR PROJECT IS FINISHED!!

Through much frustration and a lot of fried equipment we finally came out with a great machine that works like a champ. We put quite a bit of money and time into this project and all i can say is it was worth it to see our beautiful final machine.

Above is our final project all done and was ready to go!

These are some of the things that we fried or destroyed when we were trying to put it together a lot of scraps left over hahahahaha. 

Here is another pic of the parts we destroyed. Brandon at one point wanted to see what would happen if we connected a little speaker straight to the dc power source. needless to say it started smoking and exploded hahaha. In this pic there is also a button that broke on us and the circuit board that fried and other miscellaneous parts.

Here is parts of the doorbell that also got fried hahah. the cuircit board for this doorbell apparently cant handle a laptop charger.... my bad. there is also the first laptop charger that we had that actually didn't work at all hahahah i believe it didn't have enough voltage to click our relay or pull the solenoid 

This is out magical easy button switch. we actually just gutted the thing out and put a whole new push button switch into it as you'll see in the next picture

This is the bottom of the switch that we put into the easy button.

This is the type of switch that we put into the easy button its not the exact one but the one inside looks exactly the same as this one.

This is our power source it is an 18.5 v dc laptop charge at about 3.5 amps, we decided to use a plug in rather because batters seem to run out fast and we wanted something reliable that doesn't constantly need battery changes and stuff like that. 

We built a little cuircit board to distribute the power and switch the relay and we put that into the doorbell along with the little alarm that we got at radio shack that is powered by a 9v battery, the alarm was actually pretty loud so we had to put some tape over it so it wasn't freaky scary loud.

This is our champion thor hammer hahahah. We figured out how to let it slide well over the pvc by splitting a pvc pipe and putting it over the existing place where the hammer hung by and made it fit tighter for a slimmer fit with not as much shaking. To secure the hammer we just put a bolt through the wood and the pvc T to hold them together.

To latch the hammer we just used a basic fence gate latch, here is the part that is on the hammer.

Here is the gate latch all together holding the hammer up from swinging freely. 

 Right here is probably the most important part of the whole machine the solenoid this is like the key to the lock vital part of this project. this pulls the gate latch to release the hammer and smack the ball! the solenoid is connected to the circuit board that we made and gets power when the easy button is pushed.

This project was a great opportunity to not only pass a class but to learn a lot of stuff, working with this has taught us a lot about mechanics and electronics and it defiantly seems that hands on things like this project teach you a lot more than any other way. 

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