Sunday, October 14, 2012

Supplies report

Since our last update we have bought a few items to get the ball rolling on out machine! So far we have made a frame for our machine and we bought a doorbell that makes many different noises. Jordan started taking apart the doorbell to figure out how to make it trigger the latch. 

Above is the frame from our machine.

 Above is the doorbell taken apart to see the circuits

Above is the other side of the circuits on the doorbell and all the insides

Above is the wireless switch that controlls the doorbell with variable sound adjusters.

We still have a lot of work to do and we have been getting together a lot to get what we can done. Lowes is a great place to buy supplies they have a very large amount of items and a wide variety we would recomend going there.

-Prestige Worldwide

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Progress report #1


So far we have many new ideas for our machine constantly. We have agreed upon creating a kicking machine that is super user friendly and fun to use. We have a basic design but are still debating specific design details to perfect our machine and make it exactly fitting to the needs. So far we have decided to use a Pvc frame but we don't like how normal Pvc comes apart so easily so we are either going to use glue or find some sort of Pvc that can screw together, our frame will be a team effort. Jordan is working on the release mechanism and we have agreed on using a doorbell so we can connect a latch to the circuit of the doorbell to release and at the same time creating a pleasant sound. Sammy is working on the impact tool and ball holder to create a perfect hit each time, we are thinking of using a sledgehammer with a modified head to have a better surface to hit the ball with. Brandon is working on the switch to trigger the doorbell as a simple little doorbell button wont work we need a better form of trigger. We still aren't sure if we are just going to use the weight of the hammer or a spring system but we will find out with our prototype! We have a few supplies but we are still looking for certain things. We are really looking forward to putting it together and seeing our creation work!

-Prestige Worldwide